about caretuals

Caretuals was created by myself, Mehuli Shah.
It started with my feeling very overworked and unbalanced in life. Not setting time aside for self care I would often crash and have to take days off to recover and rejuvenate. I noticed I worked at a higher potential and productivity if I simply took some time everyday to take care of myself. I quickly realized that I need to put my oxygen mask on first and love myself so I can love others. 
The time for self care looked differently depending on my needs and the day. Some were daily rituals, some weekly and some new ones. It all hinged on what my body, mind and soul wanted to create in that moment. At times it looks like a nap, a cup of tea in my garden, a conversation with a close friend, zoning out in a coffee shop, a bath, beauty remedies, meal prep, artwork - the possibilities are endless. I often need to remind myself how important these self care rituals are. 
Caretuals was given life when I created an event with different speakers, a tea lunch and goody bags. It was such a gratifying and fun event that I knew I had to create more with it. 
Read more on the blog about my journey with Ayurvedic Beauty and the story behind some of the other products I have to offer on Caretuals. 
Come, let's discover our self care rituals together. 

Mehuli Shah
Founder & CEO of Caretuals.