Sage Smudging Kit
Sage Smudging Kit
Sage Smudging Kit

Sage Smudging Kit

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Use this Sage smudging kit of tools to cleanse your space and allow flow of qi in your home. A comprehensive kit that allows you to cleanse your space, calm and ground yourself to create a beautiful experience.
Sage burning has Native American roots. Sage has antimicrobial properties so its good for clearing the air in your home. Along with which it is known to help clear your mind and center you spiritually. 

How to use: 
01. Sage - Light with a flame and allow to burn for a few seconds before you gently blow out like you would with incense
02. Abalone Shell - Place lit sage in the abalone shell to avoid any ashes or sparks to fall on flammable surfaces
03. Tripod stand - Open the tripod stand and place the abalone shell on it to keep things heat safe. 
04. Smudging feather - Use the feather to direct the smoke from the sage in desired direction
05. Palo Santo - Light with flame, allow to burn for a few seconds blow out and place on the abalone shell to use like incense
06. Selenite - Use them to cleanse your space by walking and waving around or hold while meditating to allow the properties of the gemstones to assist with the meditation. 

Care instructions:
01. Always use the sage and palo santo and on a heat safe surface to avoid fires.
02. Make sure the sage and palo santo are completely blown out before stowing away. 

Handcrafted & Assembled in California
100% natural
external use only

Kit contents: abalone shell, tripod stand for shell, sage stick, selenite stick, palo santo, smudge feather, muslin bag

Sage Smudging Kit