Multi Masking

Caretuals face mask powders are beautifully blended Ayurvedic herbs that come together to heal, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. These masks are meant to be used with the benefits of yogurt. As per directions 1 tsp of face mask powder mixed well with 2 tbsp of greek yogurt will create this face mask ready to be applied to your face. 

They are available in Rose, Sandal, Neem, Licorice and Green Tea. All thoughtfully crafted and gentle enough to support all skin types. The mask powders are labelled accordingly to give you some guidance. For example, the Green Tea purifying mask is great for anti aging properties as well as to gently clean pores. They are meant to be used stand alone or for multi masking. 

Why Greek Yogurt?
Greek Yogurt has less moisture and is not as runny as regular yogurt. It results in a beautifully frothy buoyant mask that won't just streak down your face. It's easier to apply a very thick layer without worrying about it not staying on. 
Yogurt adds a whole new set of skincare benefits through the face mask. It helps with acne scars and hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fights acne, hydrates the skin and many other benefits that simply give you pleasing skin results.
For those following a vegan lifestyle you may use other alternatives like rose water, coconut or almond milk yogurts etc. 

What is multi masking?
Multi masking is using different mask formulas on different areas of your face. Most of the time we have different skin care concerns on the T-zone as opposed to the cheek areas.

Personally I have very dry skin but tend to need some support to even out skin tone on my chin area since I have some scarring from picking at my skin. I also tend to see more fine lines on the forehead and neck area. So here I used the Rose nourishing face mask on my cheeks, the Green Tea purifying mask on my forehead, nose and neck and the Licorice radiance mask on my chin area. This could have looked like just the Green Tea purifying mask or Rose nourishing mask all over the face as well.


These masks are great for use as often as needed. Being 100% natural they are safe to use. A great safety measure would be to do a patch test and carefully read the ingredients to avoid any allergic reactions. A good rule of thumb is to not leave anything thick on your face for more than 15 minutes. Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water, pat dry and follow with rose water and our Caretuals Saffron Oil. 

Discover your self care rituals. Shine Brightly! 

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